Ashutosh Rana as Mahadev Dogra Aranyak Teaser Released on Netflix

Published:Nov 20, 202321:31
Ashutosh Rana as Mahadev Dogra Aranyak Teaser Released on Netflix
Ashutosh Rana as Mahadev Dogra

Ashutosh Rana is the famous celebrities of Indian Cinema. He is well-known personality that plays his style actions. Now he is coming with the famous series Aranyak. In the famous TV series he will see with the Ravina Tandon as the role of inspector. Netflix has released the character teaser of Ashutosh Rana as the strange and mysterious character. In the web series Ashutosh Rana is playing role as Mahadev Dogra and such as in the web series he is coming with dilemma dual language.

Watch Ashutosh Rana as Mahadev Dogra, Aranyak Teaser Online

Story Review of Aranyak Web Series

Aranyak web series is full of the mysterious events. First at all, web series story starts with a foreign teenage tourists kidnapping in the misty town. Local police investigates and tries to find this murder case. Ravina Tandon is playing role as the crime branch unit head. With the strange chracter Ashutosh Rana will help in the cast. So watch full story on Netflix app.

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