22 Ritu Rai Uncut Web Series Name List [2024]

Published:Jun 14, 202407:25
22 Ritu Rai Uncut Web Series Name List  [2024]

Friends, in today's article, I will tell you a list of all the web series of another hot actress. Yes, her name is Ritu Roy. So let's know all the names of all her web series and which app or platform she will meet. I will also tell you.

  1. Prime Play App's Time Travel
  2. Hunters App's Sotheli
  3. Hunters App's Chaska
  4. Hunters App's Bhima Bahu
  5. Baysharams App's Damajji
  6. Wow App's Ras Leela
  7. Ullu App's Me Yeha Tu Maha
  8. Prime Play App's Manglik
  9. Wow App's Darzi
  10. Wow App's Khichadi
  11.  Jalwa App's
  12. Sapna
  13. Bull App's Chul
  14. Prime Play App's Kvani Chek  
  15. Prime Play App's Putla
  16. Bad Tamiz App's Seel Ajab
  17. Bull App's Sothan Sahili
  18. Baysharams App's
  19. Nain Sukh
  20. Desi Doctor of Entertainment
  21. Look App's Laddu
  22. Shaw X App's Gang Bang


Actress Ritu Rai web series Yatra exemplifies the transformative power of digital storytelling. Through her compelling performances and commitment to her art, Ritu has carved a niche for herself in the ever-evolving industry. As audiences eagerly await her future projects, one thing is for sure: Ritu Rai's star will continue to shine, lighting up screens and captivating hearts.

So friends, this was Ritu Roy. Till now, the list of all web series. If you like the article then subscribe our newsletter to the webseries such updates.

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