Broker Web Series (Gurmit Kaur) , Actress Name, Cast, Release Date, Story & More

Published:Dec 12, 202309:36
Broker Web Series (Gurmit Kaur) , Actress Name, Cast, Release Date, Story & More
Broker web series

Gurmeet Kaur's upcoming web series "Broker" featuring Pooja Poddar. Dive into intense scenes, heightened suspense, and double the entertainment. Get ready to catch this thrilling series on your favorite OTT app soon! Subscribe for more web series updates.

Hey, everyone! Reddy here, back again to share the latest scoop on an upcoming web series. Last time, we discussed Gurmeet Kaur's much-anticipated series, "Takila." Today, I've got the lowdown on another thrilling project starring Gurmeet Kaur.

Web Series: Broker (2023)
Cast: Gurmeet Kaur, Gaurav Singh and Pooja Poddar
Director: Peter Bhai
Writer: Peter Bhai
Release Date: 19 December 2023
Language: Hindi
OTT Platform: Jhumroo App
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy

The Series Release Details

This new web series is set to premiere on WoW and Prime Play. Brace yourselves because it's all set to hit WoW very soon! The poster for the series, titled "Broker," has just been unveiled. What's more exciting? Alongside Gurmeet Kaur, the series stars Pooja Poddar, promising double the entertainment with this dynamic duo.

Gurmit Kaur ,Broker web series,

Broker web series,

Gurmit Kaur ,Broker web series,

Gurmit Kaur ,Broker web series,

Gurmit Kaur ,Broker web series,

Anticipating Suspense and Drama

We all know Gurmeet Kaur's commitment to delivering intense scenes, and with Pooja Poddar's support, expect the suspense to skyrocket. Poddar has a knack for nailing scene suspense, so when both actors refuse to compromise on the scenes, we're in for a thrilling ride.

When Release Broker Web series?

Although the "Broker" series poster is out, the release date teased within a week has been the trend with previous announcements. So, buckle up because within 10 to 12 days, you might just dive into this gripping series on your favorite OTT app.

What's in Store?

The prospect of Kaur and Poddar sharing screen space promises heightened drama and intensified scenes. The scenes from the "Broker" series hint at substantial suspense, ensuring a thrilling watch.


The real excitement, however, lies in the actual release and the official trailer. Only then will we uncover the depth of suspense awaiting us. So, stay tuned for further updates on the "Broker" series!

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