[WATCH VIDEO] Lamar CISD Teacher Video Twitter, Reddit

Published:Jun 1, 202419:01
[WATCH VIDEO] Lamar CISD Teacher Video Twitter, Reddit

A former instructor has accused her ex of "revenge porn" whereas admitting that taking pictures the movies was a poor choice.

She was taking a look at two movies shot inside Lamar CISD Gray Elementary by a former instructor who now admits it was an enormous mistake.

"It was poor judgment on my part," the previous instructor stated in an interview with KHOU 11 Information. "I would never do it again."

We're not figuring out the girl as a result of she has not been charged with any crime. Nevertheless, Lamar CISD police started an investigation after group activists spoke out about her conduct throughout a press convention.

"If she does this in the classroom, what else would she do?" Quanell X stated on Wednesday.

"A colleague of mine called me and said, 'Hey, you're on the news,'" the previous instructor stated.

She claimed that the movies have been both shot on Sundays when she stopped by the varsity to choose one thing up or in a restroom the place nobody else was round, and so they have been solely shared with a former boyfriend with whom she had a really unhealthy breakup.

"I never sent it to thousands of men. Like, I am not that kind of person," she stated. "It was just a relationship, a personal matter, and he leaked it."

KHOU authorized analyst Carmen Roe believes what the previous instructor did could also be unethical - however it's not essentially prison.

Although this will not be true for anybody sharing the movies on-line or in any other case underneath the state's so-called "revenge porn" legal guidelines.

"Anyone who sends this material, who disseminates it for any purpose, puts themselves at risk and can be charged," Roe said. "And, in Texas, we file these charges and seek punishment quite aggressively."

The former teacher said she resigned from Lamar CISD at the end of the school year for unrelated reasons. She said she does not expect her long-term career or reputation to be permanently affected.

"All I can do is move forward from this situation," the former teacher said.


She now lives with her family in Harris County, where we have confirmed that she has filed a police report for potential revenge porn.

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