Bigplay Confusion: Primeplay, Hunter, Besharam, and More - Updates and Speculations

Published:Dec 16, 202308:35
Updated on:Dec 16, 2023
Bigplay Confusion: Primeplay, Hunter, Besharam, and More - Updates and Speculations

Prime Primeplay, Hunter, Besharam, Kawarichi Part 2, Pehredaar Part 2, and AdlaBadli Part 2. There have been speculations about which apps are set to launch, remain, or potentially face bans. Let's dive into the details to bring clarity. Julie Season 2 Ullu Web Series 2022, review, cast, release date, Watch all Episodes Online

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Price Free to download
Total downloads 1.5 thousand
Recent downloads 2.2 thousand
Rating No ratings
Ranking Not ranked
Version 1.54
APK size 57.3 MB
Number of libraries ?
Maturity Medium Maturity
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Overview of Prime Primeplay, Hunter, and Besharam Apps

At present, these three apps—Prime Primeplay, Hunter, and Besharam—are accessible on the Big App Play platform. However, uncertainty looms over their continuity due to potential government-related issues. Many individuals have raised concerns about their subscriptions to these apps. 

Subscription Concerns and Transition to New Apps

The emergence of the new Big Play app has sparked questions about the fate of existing subscriptions. It's important to note that the arrival of this new app might render previous subscriptions obsolete. Users might need to consider acquiring new subscriptions on the updated platform. Namak Web Series 2023 Episodes Stream Full HD Online on Ullu App

Updates and App Releases on Big Play

As of now, Prime Primeplay, Hunter, and Besharam are available on Big Play. However, there are mentions of two additional apps joining the platform—Kawarichi and AdlaBadli Part 2. It's speculated that there might be a schedule of three app releases per week on Big Play, potentially including Hunter and Besharam in upcoming releases. 

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Clarifications and Speculations

While the current scenario points to the availability of all three apps on Big Play, the reasons behind the potential shift remain unofficial and shrouded in mystery. Despite widespread speculation, no official updates have been provided by Prime Primeplay.

Future Possibilities and Ban Speculations

There are rumors circulating about the possible ban on Prime Primeplay, aligning with similar actions taken against certain apps. However, without concrete updates or official statements, these remain speculations.


In conclusion, the current situation indicates the presence of Prime Primeplay, Hunter, and Besharam on Big Play, with the potential addition of Kawarichi and AdlaBadli Part 2. The transition to the new app might impact existing subscriptions, urging users to stay vigilant for updates.

It's crucial to note that the information provided is based on current observations and speculations, as official announcements regarding the fate of these apps remain scarce. We advise staying tuned for further updates from the respective app authorities

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