Women have Little Pockets in Panties : Do you Know Reason, Know about it

Published:Nov 20, 202321:24
Women have Little Pockets in Panties : Do you Know Reason, Know about it
Women have Little Pockets in Panties

Women have Little Pockets in Panties : Do you Know Reason, Know about it : It is deeply confidential secret, Do you know women have little pockets in panties ? It is quite secret to know about it. There are many studies about females under garments. Definitely it will be magic to know about it, what is the purpose these hidden pockets. Many studies says that these pockets are called Gussets. And purpose of these Gussets is to provide more flexibility to underwear.

What is the Reasons of Little Pockets in Women's Underwear

There are many scientific studies that tells us that these pockets are not only used in twenty first centaury but also used in 6 A.C. The scientific reason of little pockets, is absorb the moisture. When a female discharges then many acidic moisture releases and these pockets absorb this liquids. So it is better for the Hygienic health purpose for a female. It decreased the yeast infection inside the Vagina of a female.

Scientific Reason for Hidden Pockets

Science says that these gusset are used for a breathing for a Vagina. A man to live is necessary to respiration then these gusset also provides breathing to a Vagina. It is the better option to provide secure hygiene health to vulva of a Vagina.

This absorbs the humidity and discharges from the vagina more effectively. And hence, it decreases the threat of a incentive infection and prevents disunion. What a relief!

Magic Science behind Gusset Pockets

We know that females' private part are most sensitive area and a extra cares required during the M.C. cycle and other discharges. So in this circumstances these pockets extra durability for a vagina.

Various sources says that pockets are made with soft fiber and other soft materials. So it is the safety guard. These gussets absorbs the acidic liquid and provide a best health a woman.

Some sources tells that It's not pocket it's standard stitching pattern to cover joining stitch of panty.

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