It is Better to Consume Alcohol, Everyone Should Know Benefits of Alcohol

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This is amazing that a limit of Alcohol consumption is better than for your body health. Yes it is true, moderate alcohol consumption who is generally known as the toxic drinks is best when you take it with limit. According to Harvard University researches this is issued that a safe level of alcohol consumption increases your body digestion. But heavy use of Alcohol can increase the cancer and other diseases. According to medical survey alcohol benefits your body when you consume a week 13 to 15 glasses of wine. This is the same ration of women and men but it can be risky for pregnant women. It also can be heavy when a person is suffering from some addiction of diseases. So if you are a healthy person than it will be possible for you.

What is Level of Moderate Alcohol and Limitations

If you are confused with the moderate level Alcohol then we are providing it simple definition. So it is the moderate level of consumption which considered better for health.

  • Beer: 11 fluid ounces (350 milliliters)
  • Wine: 4 fluid ounces (140 milliliters)
  • Distilled spirits (70 proof): 1.4 fluid ounces (40 milliliters)

Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consmption

It controls you subconscious mind, according to medical health survey our mind neurons generates 10000 thoughts every second.

If you use alcohol with a limit then all these thoughts control, and you feel peace.

Moderate level of Alcohol decreased of depression, anxiety, tension for a few moments. So this is better to relief mind for a moment.

According to a medical survey moderate level of Alcohol in decrease the level of diabetes.

It is also found that persons who regularly use Alcohol, heart attack risks decreases day by day.

So it is the better when you know the limit of drink.

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