Instagram launches 3 New Features on Christmas Festival

Published:Nov 20, 202321:22
Instagram launches 3 New Features on Christmas Festival
Christmas Festival

Instagram launches 3 New Features on Christmas Festival : Well known popular site Instagram is updating the new features for Christmas festival. Popular site giving the followers a collection of the gift on the occasion of Christmas 2021. Adam Mosseri who is the cofounder of Instagram tweeted that " We have rolled out some pretty fun new features this week that I wanted to share with you Reels Visual Replies - Profile, Embed (US only for now) and IG Playback."

What is NewPlayback feature of Instagram ?

This is the new feature that will announce recently. In the New Playback feature Instagram follower will relieve their reels in amazing way. In this feature Instagram will play back to back 10 stories for every follower.

This is the add on and removal feature of Instagram. With this feature Instagram user edit, add and remove their stories from stories archive. So this facility for user enhance to edit their stories in new features.

Reel Visual Replies Feature of Instagram Updates ?

This is the add on feature of Instagram. With this feature every creator can reply. With the reply creator can comment and include a Reels of 60 seconds.

Profile Embed Feature

This feature will work in the U.S. country only. In this amazing feature every creator embed their profile embed in the Instagram world. Above mentioned two features will work globally but third feature only appear in U.S. country. Here are the tweet of Adam Mosseri-

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