Deepak Daksh Biography: Unlocking the Genius Within

Published:May 20, 202416:52
Deepak Daksh Biography: Unlocking the Genius Within

Who is Deepak Daksh?

Dr. Deepak Daksh is a Certified Clarity and Purpose coach for multi-passionate people. He is on a mission to help multi-passionate and people struggling with clarity in their career and life.

He is a multi-passionate or you can say a polymath himself, he is a visionary leader and innovator, known for his multifaceted expertise spanning technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, astrology, Cognitive Behaviour Psychology, Writing, Spirituality and personal development. With over 15 years of diverse professional experience, Deepak has dedicated his career to helping Multi-passionate individuals uncover their hidden genius and achieve their fullest potential.

His Background

Born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, and raised in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Deepak's academic journey took him to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, where he completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 2012. His early education laid the foundation for a career marked by continuous learning and innovation.

After the graduation he worked in Telecom as ONM engineer for NOKIA, later he experienced his interest is in something that require challenges rather than just predefined tasks, He pivoted to IT industry and served as software engineer.
His career trajectory saw him rise rapidly through the ranks, eventually becoming the CEO of multiple startups.

However, his ambitions and interests extended far beyond the corporate world. His deep fascination with the human mind and spirit led him to pursue extensive training in coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neurolinguistic programming, adding a unique dimension to his professional skill set.

How He Discovered His Passion

Deepak's passion for personal development was born out of his own experiences of self-discovery. As a multi-passionate individual himself, he understands the struggle of feeling constrained by predefined roles and expectations. His own quest to reconcile his diverse interests and talents led him to develop an assessment that delves deep into the impact of planetary influences on one's personality and life path and psychological Personality Traits that one earns through his experiences, trauma, struggle and surroundings. He embarked on a journey to understand the deeper aspects of human potential with corelation these both. This quest led him to develop the Genius Discovery Assessment (GDA), a tool that combines astrology and psychology to provide profound insights into one's personality and life path.

What are His Credentials?

Deepak's impressive credentials include:

  • B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from IIT Delhi
  • Globally Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner
  • CBD Accredited CBT and Mind-Mapping Coach
  • ICF Certified PCC in Career, Clarity, and Purpose Coaching
  • Ph.D. in Astrology
  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • PMP Certified Project Manager
  • Patented multiple innovative products
  • Founded three tech startups
  • Inventor of the Genius Discovery Assessment

His Achievements

Deepak's career is marked by significant achievements. He has guided numerous clients through transformative personal development processes using the Genius Discovery Assessment. His work in technology has led to multiple patents and the successful founding of three tech startups.
Deepak's most notable achievement is the creation of the Genius Discovery Assessment (GDA). This innovative tool has guided hundreds of clients towards greater self-awareness and fulfillment. With over 800 hours of clarity coaching, 1,210 hours of mind-mapping, and 1,300 hours of transformative personal sessions, Deepak has honed his ability to provide tailored, impactful support to his clients.

His Credibility

Deepak's broad array of certifications and advanced degrees, coupled with his real-world experience, lend him unparalleled credibility. His clients, including senior executives and industry leaders, frequently commend the depth and accuracy of his insights.

His Mission

For Deepak, the true measure of success lies in the transformations he witnesses in the lives of those he serves. By guiding individuals towards the discovery of their hidden genius, he empowers them to embrace their unique talents and passions, ultimately unlocking a path to greater fulfillment and impact. As he continues to refine and expand his offerings, Deepak's vision remains steadfast: to be a catalyst for Multi-Passionate personal and professional transformation, one client at a time.

A Catalyst for Transformation

Deepak Daksh’s work transcends conventional coaching by integrating advanced psychological and astrological insights. His Genius Discovery Assessment has become a cornerstone of his approach, offering clients a unique perspective on their personal and professional journeys. For those struggling to find clarity or wishing to uncover their hidden talents, Deepak’s services provide a path to greater self-awareness and fulfillment.

For more information and to discover your hidden genius, visit Deepak Daksh’s website and learn about the Genius Discovery Assessment.

Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential today.

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